Student Services and Policies

IAS reserves the right to review and modify its services and policies.

Student Services

Orientation is the beginning of a very exciting time for all new students. We welcome you, to the IAS campus. Upon your arrival, before starting your classes, you will attend an Orientation session, a comprehensive introduction to the school, the campus, student resources, and a community that is filled with academic opportunities, rich cultures and people from all walks of life.

The Orientation program includes:
Introduction to the IAS campus and IAS advisors.
Assistance in setting up of a bank account.
If Applicable, arranging a medical checkup - students will go to the medical center for their appointment.
Introduction to IAS rules and regulations, and code of conduct.
New student presentation covering general course requirements, Internet portal access, assignment submission, teacher communications, exams and project deadlines.
Online International Students who wish to visit IAS in Singapore – discussion of new living arrangements, transportation, introduction of student sponsors, access to campus resources, and the unique lifestyle and rich culture of Singapore.

The Academic Affairs department staff will monitor and provide emotional support for students to help them cope with stresses relating to a new environment or course demands. If necessary, our staff will recommend professional counselors to help students in this period of adjustment.

Assist students who may seek specific services. For example, general or specialist health services, drug/alcohol abuse education, problem gambling, sexuality education and other relevant programs.

Academic coaches and career advisors assist students who wish to transfer to higher education institutions or who want to focus on a specific career.

Academic Policies

In order to receive IAS Certificates, Diplomas or Advanced Diplomas, students must be enrolled in IAS and satisfactorily complete the required number of subjects and all curricular requirements as stated in the IAS Handbook and Course Description Catalog.

Upon completion of IAS Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma programs, students will receive their official IAS academic qualifications. All records of courses and qualifications awarded will become permanently documented through the IAS Transcript System.


Please note that once a student has graduated from IAS, no further changes to the transcript are permitted. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the transcript is correct at the time of graduation.

In order to maintain satisfactory progress at the Institute, students are expected to pass all required courses assigned to the student during each semester in the academic year.

Students must have a minimum attendance of 75% for each course. Absence without valid reasons for a continual period of seven days will lead to suspension of the students from the course enrolled. Valid absence excuses must be supported by Medical Certificates issued by doctors listed under the Registry of General Practitioners in Singapore.

Students are expected to exhibit responsible behavior regardless of time or place. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action by the school. Responsible behavior includes but is not limited to the following obligations:

To respect the right of fellow students to participate in IAS organizations and in relationships with other students without fear or threat.
Not engage in any type of hate speech, epithet, or any racial, ethnic, sexual and religious slurs. Students may be subject to discipline if they violate applicable laws or school regulations or policies.
To refrain from stealing, damaging, defacing, or misusing the property or facilities of IAS or of others. This also precludes the disruption of the IAS computing services or interference with the rights of others to use computer resources; and the misuse of the IAS resources for unlawful activities and acts of mischief.
To be honest and truthful in dealings with the IAS, about one's own identity (e.g., name or academic qualifications), and in the use of the IAS and other identification.
To cooperate fully and honestly and to comply with all judicial sanctions.
To comply with policies and regulations of the IAS and its departments.
To respect the health and safety of others. This precludes acts or threats of physical violence against another person (including sexual violence) and disorderly conduct. This also precludes the possession of dangerous articles (such as firearms, explosive materials, etc.) on the IAS property or at the IAS events without authorization.
To comply with Singapore laws and regulations.

IAS has the right to suspend or expel a student pursuant to the following criteria:

physical assault upon another student, member of the staff, or board member;
carrying a weapon;
possession or consumption of alcohol, a controlled dangerous substance, or drug paraphernalia on school premises, or being under the influence of such substances on school premises;
conduct constituting a danger to the physical well-being of other students and staff of IAS;
continued and wilful disobedience or open defiance of any authority figure employed by the school;
expropriation of another student's or a staff member's personal property, whether by theft, through force, or by intimidation;
habitual use of profanity or obscenities; and
wilfully causing damage to school property.
No student shall be suspended or expelled unless the conduct for which he/she is to be disciplined is related to school activities and/or attendance and occurred on school premises.

Deferrals are intended to be granted for intentional occasions in which the student chooses not to begin his or her studies at IAS in the semester for which he or she was admitted. Examples of intentional deferrals may include, but are not limited to a religious activity, community service project, political campaigning, or world travel. Deferrals are not granted for financial reasons. Deferral requests are evaluated on their merits, and are not automatically approved simply because they were submitted on time.

Disciplinary actions will have no bearing on the student's academic standing, except in cases of academic dishonesty.

General Policies

IAS is committed to providing prompt and efficient channels for students to seek resolution for their dispute and grievance.

A student dispute or grievance may arise from any aspect of their educational experience at IAS which they believe to be unfair, unjust or unreasonable. This would include unsatisfactory services (e.g. poor teaching quality, changes to the curriculum, and delays in awarding certificates).

IAS is committed to resolving all issues in a manner that is fair, just and reasonable to both IAS and the complainant within practical constraint, the framework of all relevant policy, guidelines, system, procedures and processes already exist in the school and the requirement from CPE.

A student who is seeking dispute or grievance resolution should follow the Dispute and Grievance Resolution Process outlined below.

Report Issue to IAS by email at

Our Response. You will receive acknowledgement receipt by email and a response from the Management within the next 3 working days. Depending on the nature of disputes, you will be offered a reason or proposal in writing via email followed by phone call.

Acceptance of Our Response. You may acknowledge, accept, or reject Management’s explanation/proposal. Should you accept our proposal, a signed confirmation document will be email to you within 21 working days from the sent date of initial email.

Rejection of Our Response. Should you choose to reject our offer of resolution, you may choose to proceed with one of the following course of action:
a) make another attempt of resolution through email or proceed with legal proceedings;
b) if you are registered as a student with us, evidence by an executed standard contract, contact CPE’s Student Service Centre at 1 Orchard Road #01-01 (YMCA International House) S’pore 238824 Tel:(65) 6592 2108 Fax:(65) 6337 1584 Email: website:
c) seek legal counsel and/or actions.

Publication of Resolution. IAS reserves the right to publish documentation during the process of dispute resolution.

IAS will collect, use and disclose personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012.

The Student’s personal information, which has been entrusted to the IAS, is solely for the purpose of completing course application and submission and will be kept in strict confidentiality and privacy.

The school will not compromise the integrity of the student’s particulars and will not disclose the information to the unauthorized third parties.

The employees of the IAS are authorized to access the student’s private information. As an employee of the IAS, we are obligated to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the student’s particular against unauthorized access. The employees are not allowed to publicize the student’s information in the public marketing tool such as emails, websites and directories. The employees that are granted access to the student’s particulars will be obligated to sign “Employee Confidentiality and Ethical Agreement” with the IAS.

Without the prior written consent from the student, the IAS will not release the student’s personal information to unauthorized third parties and/or Singapore government bodies and/or relevant university/institute conferring/awarding the qualification.

All the hard and soft copies shall be securely stored to minimize the accidental loss, damage, misplace, misuse or exposure of information.

If you have any questions on our policy or in relation to how IAS manages, protects and/or processes your personal data, please email our Data Protection Officer at DPO@InstituteofArtsandSciences.Edu.Sg.

Fees and Payments

Course means a subject area that will result in a grade awarded at the end of the study.
Module means a topic within a Course.
Program is a collection of Courses and will result in a qualification awarded at the end of the study.
Program-Course is a collective term to mean either Courses or Programs.
Transfer means a student changes the course of study but remains as a student of IAS. For an approved transfer request, the original student contract shall be terminated and a new contract shall be signed.
Withdrawal means the student contract is terminated and the student is no longer a student of IAS.

IAS collects program-course fees in accordance to the fee structure stipulated in the Standard PEI-Student Contract. Fees are payable upon signing the Student Contract and acceptance of a place in the course before the course commences.

IAS Pte Ltd adopts the 'Standard PEI Student Contract' from CPE refer to CPE website at to download a sample copy of the Standard PEI-Student Contract. Each applicant will be given the appropriate Standard PEI-Student Contract stating the course applied for in the course application form submitted.

Payments shall be made by e-banking facilities or by check at IAS or credit cards at our portal. For check and demand draft payment, please indicate the details of the course applied for and your personal particulars on the back of the check and demand draft.

E-banking facilities include the following options:

Demand draft (DD) made to 'Institute of Arts and Sciences Pte Ltd'

Telegraphic Transfer (TT) made to the following account:
Name: Institute of Arts and Sciences Pte Ltd
Bank: United Overseas Bank Limited Singapore
Address: 80 Raffles Place, OUB Plaza Singapore 048624
Bank Account Number: 380-315-601-6
Swift Code: UOVBSGSG

IAS has set the financial policy of collecting not more than two months of program-course fees from students. As a result, as per CPE guidelines, IAS is not required to adopt the Industry-Wide Course Insurance Scheme (IWC) for local students.

A student may request for course withdrawal within the “cooling period”, i.e. seven (7) working days after signing the student contract with IAS. Since IAS has adopted the financial policy of collecting program-course fees from the student only after the 7 working-day cooling period, IAS will therefore not make any refund whatsoever to students even if the course has not started, except for the event of course non-delivery (please refer to the policy on “Course Withdrawal and Refund in the Event of Course Non-delivery”).

In the following events, IAS shall notify the affected student within three (3) working days of its occurrences. Student who decides to withdraw entirely from the course upon notification must email his/her intention within (7) working days to IAS.

The course or program did not commence as scheduled.
The course or program was terminated by IAS prior to commencement date.

IAS shall then refund 100% of the applicable, paid program-course fees to students. In the event that the course or program, after commencement, cannot be completed due to default by IAS, IAS shall then endeavor to the best of its ability to place the students to another private education institution for the sole purpose of course or program completion.

In view of the fact that IAS will not refund any of the paid program-course fees to students if the latter withdraws from a course or program after the 7 working-day ,cooling-off period post execution of the student contract; or 0%-5% refund for a course or program transfer (please see policy under “Transfer to Another Program or Course of IAS”) or 100% refund in the event of course non-delivery (please see policy under “Course Withdrawal and Refund in the Event of Course Non-delivery”), IAS shall not entertain any other reason for course withdrawal, nor will it make any refund whatsoever to students accordingly.

A student, and their parents or guardians (if they are under the age of 18) are requested hereby to comply with IAS’s transfer/withdrawal policy strictly. All request to withdraw or transfer made by students under the age of 18 must receive written approval from the his/her parents/guardians. All transfer requests shall be handled by IAS within 4 weeks upon receipt of the student’s transfer request.

According to CPE’s guidelines, a student that is requesting a course transfer, shall remain as student in IAS, unless the student is requesting to be transferred to another school. In the latter case, the student is then no longer student of IAS and shall NOT be entitled to any refund of course fees already paid to IAS. IAS, nevertheless, shall assist in providing student with his/her past course attendance record(s) in order to facilitate the student’s transfer to another school.

If a student decides to transfer to a new course or program of IAS within or after 7 days following the commencement of a course or program, the student is entitled to a 5% or 0% refund of the paid program-course fees respectively. At all times, the student must still pay for the full program-course fees for the new course or program before he/she is allowed to make the transfer.

IAS reserves the right to amend and update the transfer and withdrawal policy. All efforts will be made to ensure all policies are fair to all students.