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Join our growing network of educational institutions and guilds that have installed the private, secure APL portal and gained instant access to a world of resources. No technical expertise or system administrator needed.

Top Reasons

for joining us

  • Install a learning and training portal on your website.
  • A secure and proven learning management platform customized for your specific organization. A new internet portal technologically advanced, user-friendly and easy-to-access.
  • No technical experience needed. No specialized personnel required.
  • No major start-up costs, no unexpected, costly adjustments, no expensive equipment needed. Is Free!
  • Quick set-up and accessible through your website, Immediate ability to connect with other Alliance members, and participate in overseas activities.
  • Offers your users fun and challenging ways to earn points that can be redeemed for valuable learning resources, immersion programs, and scholarship opportunities in Singapore and the U.S.

Who Are Our Partners?

Which Organizations Will Benefit Most?

Public & Priate Schools
Tutors / Coaches / Instructors
Tutorial & Enrichment Centers
Human Resource Departments
Industry Associations
Career Placement Agencies
Education Solution Providers
Education Logistical Providers

Types of Partnership

Institution & Corporate

Type 1
Type 2

Certified Solution Provider

  • Certified Solution Provider (CSP)
  • Ideal for Training Providers
  • Custom Your Solutions
  • Define Your Own Target Market
  • Marketing and Sales Templates
  • Start Your Own Training Business
  • Learn More
Type 3

Marketing Affiliate

  • A Collaboration with IAS and the Alliance
  • Ready-to- Go Marketing and Sales Kits
  • Comprehensive education solutions
  • Customized training courses
  • Learn More