The Institute of
Arts and Sciences

The School is a private education institution of higher learning for students of diverse ages, backgrounds and cultures. The IAS is centrally located in Singapore, one of the world’s most vibrant and culturally diverse economic centers.

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Our Programs

The School meet the highest educational standards and they are designed to open new horizons in learning and to focus on the requisite language skills as well as critical job skills required for success in today’s highly competitive workforce. The IAS globally-focused curriculum also aims to prepare students for further advanced studies. IAS Diploma Programs vary in length, but generally require 12-18 months to complete. Contact us today.

Our Culture

At the Institute of Arts and Sciences in Singapore, the members of the Academic and Examination Boards, Faculty, Management and Staff associates strive to maintain an atmosphere that

  • encourages each student to learn and grow towards excellence in their career and personal lives
  • enables students to broaden their horizons, develop critical communication skills, experience team work, problem solving, and leadership
  • inspires the highest ethical standards, compassion and personal responsibility
  • respects and values each person as an individual
  • reflects a global view of the world, and an appreciation for all people and all cultural traditions
  • continually seeks new methods of teaching, new communication resources, innovative technology, and proven assessment and evaluation tools
  • provides a warm and friendly environment, free WIFI access to all our students, online access to vast resources: audio, visual, textbooks and library.

General Information

The Institute of Arts and Sciences (UEN: 201213018D) is a registered private education institution of higher learning for students of diverse ages, backgrounds, and cultures.

Established in 2013, the IAS campus is located in Singapore. We have an airy multi-function space (27 sq. m.) that can be used as a conference room or a learning space that can comfortably sit 8 to 10 people. The space is equipped with wireless network as well as multimedia and multi-channel equipment for use for our metaverse orientation.

Come visit us at 420 North Bridge Road #03-06 North Bridge Centre Singapore 188727 or Call us at +65 6252 4682 to make an appointment.

IAS administrators and faculty members are highly skilled professionals from around the world, who are dedicated to delivering quality education to all who seek intellectual and personal growth to achieve their aspirations. At IAS, we are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards.

Equal Opportunity

  • At IAS, we do not discriminate on the basis of gender, physical ability, ethnicity or age. Our goal is to offer educational programs and courses, and learning resources that meet the needs of our students. We strive towards academic excellence through high quality, specialized programs that incorporate critical work skills, and by charting a clear path for our students to reach their career and personal goals.


  • Enrollment for academic programs is open to students age 16+. Our Diploma Programs vary in length, and generally require 6-18 months to complete. For non-academic programs, courses are opened for all ages.

Registration Deadline

While most of our programs are based on rolling enrollment, intakes for some cohort-based programs are based on the following semesters.

  • Fall Semester (Sep 1–Dec 31): July 31
  • Spring Semester (Jan 1–May 30): November 31
  • Summer Semester (Jun 1–Aug 31): May 15

Corporate Governance

The Institute of Arts and Sciences organization has set the highest ethical standards for its internal and external operations and day-to-day procedures. These standards impact corporate and personal conduct and behavior at all levels, among the faculty, administrators, board members, office staff, counselors, coaches, and mentors.

IAS has established ethical practices and a code of conduct that respects the needs and interests of students, parents and clients, and the broader community. The IAS organization strives to maintain community relationships, to engage in environmentally-sound practices, and to promote good corporate citizenship.

Academic Rigor

The IAS organization is driven by a commitment to academic excellence based on international education standards, curriculum development and the highest quality of teaching, instruction, and guidance. IAS faculty and staff strive to instill a love of learning and scholarship through attention to instructional methods, student-teacher interaction, on-going field research, and critical analysis. Throughout the IAS organization, there is a fundamental belief that learning is transformational, and that interactive education takes students beyond the classroom and into the global community.

Data Security

IAS rules and procedures are designed to respect and protect student confidentiality and security. The IAS website and its internet portal are password protected and encrypted for safety. Security software and technology systems are constantly monitored and upgraded.

Every member of the IAS staff and faculty works with security personnel to create and maintain a safe and comfortable learning atmosphere for every student. Each student’s well-being, academic success and personal confidence are primary concerns of IAS. Students are instructed to adhere to all safety procedures on and off campus, and encouraged to immediately report any issue or concern to any IAS staff member. IAS provides quick responsive counseling and additional outside medical and emotional services to meet the individual needs of students.

Informational Transparency

Regarding informational transparency in day-to-day operations and organizational structure, IAS has established detailed policies and procedures to promote openness, communication and accountability. This information is available to all students, parents and clients through the IAS Handbook and the IAS website. IAS provides students and parents with in-depth descriptions of IAS coursework and educational procedures, learning tools, study requirements, and clearly stated expectations of conduct and behavior.

The IAS faculty, staff, administrators, counselors and coaches are accessible to students at all times and they promote an atmosphere that encourages group interaction and one-on-one discussions. IAS promotes the concept that operational transparency and ethical practices are critical to the future success of all students and the growth of IAS as a respected educational institution.